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Beach Recreational Areas

Beach , Parks & Recreation Area's

The Beach, Parks and Recreation area's are a lovely place to visit , especially in this sunshine state , that's why we at Boro take extreme care and detail into looking after these locations,

High traffic events / Beach cleaning / Sports fields / Doggy centers / Block parties , We have done it!

Our park maintenance crew maintain & sanitize restrooms , stock the hand soap , paper products and any other supplies you need also removal trash and keep the place looking fresh and clean for everybody to enjoy.

We offer


  • Beach , Park & Recreation Area Cleaning
  • Restroom Pressure Wash downs
  • Full Supplies & Re-Stock
  • Beach Trash Patrolling
  •  Matrons & Porters for Block Parties ( including full management & supplies )


Park Cleaning
Siesta #1 Beach Boro
Siesta Concessions Cleaning by Boro

Siesta Beach , Sarasota , Florida got awarded the number 1 Beach in the USA with the help of Boro Building & Property Maintenance, Something we are very proud of!

Full Report Here

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