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We don’t just TALK about quality—we PROVE quality. No gimmicks or cover ups. You see the quality of our service in real-time as inspections are performed, complete with photos and GPS location for additional verification. Everything that happens is documented, logged and easily accessible. Whether it’s an inspection or a complaint from a building occupant -- you have a complete audit trail for future reference.


Our analytics help identify weak spots BEFORE they turn into problems, and track corrections and improvement over time. View the complete performance history of our service. With your own personal online dashboard, you can quantify exactly how effective our service is.

Time Tracker

Manage our labour more effectively
Our time and attendance system is totally optimized for multiple sites, multiple users and multiple languages. There are many features that allow us to configure the application to custom fit your facility.
This system allows us to track when our employees enter your building , including the time to the second and what phone they logged in off , also the time spend in each building , to ensure your building gets the attention it deserves, then the time our employee left the building,

This also backs up as a safety & attendance procedure as in the event of a disaster / fire , we can log onto the time tracker website and see if  or when the last person was in the building

About Us

Boro Building and Property Maintenance have been developing business, researching products and pleasing clients for many years. Throughout this time we have learned the importance of value. Our staff will help plan to maximize your value of service. We will ensure you enjoy our 100% satisfaction policy that our current clients have become accustomed to.

A safe and clean environment is a must for any business. Good quality cleaning will eradicate poor hygiene practices, protect and motivate employees, creating the right impression for your customers. We offer a complete managed service to include the provision of trained cleaners, using superior cleaning equipment . With a trained network of staff we are experienced and responsive to new demands and are commited to ensure the safety and health of your staff and your customers.

Our experienced staff will work with you to helps customize your cleaning schedule. The more we understand about you and your business, the better we can meet your exact needs and deliver outstanding results. Whether you require our maintenance service on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, Boro Building and Property Maintenance, will provide a superior service with affordable prices you cant resist.

Facility Cleaning in Sarasota

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